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Public Speaker: Kristin Ashley, B.F.A. in Studio Arts/Graphic Design
Community Centers • Mens’ & Womens’  Groups • Schools • Special Events • Libraries • Senior Living
Totem Animals: Their Ancient Mysteries Revealed
For centuries, Native Americans revered the wisdom and healing powers of their sacred animal spirits, known as Totem Animals. Kristin will offer intriguing insights into the meanings behind animal spirit guides. Learn all about your own personal Totem Animal and how this mystical ancient knowledge can benefit and enhance your life in modern society. Kristin will also share her own artistic journey expressed in her feather paintings and will present examples of familiar North American spirit guides including the Raven, Fox, Wolf, Bear, Deer and Owl.
Secret Messages of the Artists: 
What are Their Messages Trying to Tell Us?
What are the keys to understanding the mystical messages of artists throughout the eons? Kristin will present a fascinating glimpse on symbols and icons used by visual artists since the beginning of time. She will also discuss: 
• Symbols which suggest the existence of the collective unconscious
Mythological creatures and their hidden meanings and attributes
The different meanings of colors throughout the world.
The Romantic Expressions of the Pre-Raphaelites: 
Their Immortal Creations of Beauty
Who were the muses that inspired the this Victorian brotherhood of artists including Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones? Enter into the world of Victorian England and learn about their lives and loves. An artistic adventure like you've never before experienced awaits you in this entertaining and Romantic glimpse into the splendor of their lives and visual creations.

“Reflections” by Odilon Redon

“Veronica Veronese”
by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

“Luna Moth” by Kristin Ashley